The world has seen a drastic increase in the use of cell phones in recent times. Also, because of the increased demand, the number of cell phone manufacturers has also increased a lot. The phones that were launched about a decade ago are very different from what we have today. The cells phones today have exclusive features and other facilities just to meet the needs of every user. The two types of phones we have these days, are the locked and the unlocked phones. The aim of this article is to outline the benefits of unlocked phones while also stating some disadvantages as well.


Firstly a locked cell phone works with just a single service provider. It works with CDMA technology and unlocked phones do not work with this technology. Another major difference is that a locked phone will occasionally have an inbuilt SIM card that cannot be removed while the unlocked will not. People using the locked phones will usually be unable to change SIMs on their phones. When it comes to unlocked phones, however, the user can remove and replace the SIM card anytime he or she may wish. Phones which used locked services sometimes, cannot be unlocked. For example, when your contract with CDMA ends, your phone is automatically locked. CDMA services do not work with SIM cards.


Unlocked phones have a lot of benefits because they are compatible with SIM cards. Most people would rather buy this type of phone because of the variety of choice. A major advantage of using this type of phone is the ability to use the same hand phone, on different network providers.

If the need arises to move to a different country, then it is still possible to use the same phone, simply by switching SIM cards with the ones allowed in the new location. With CDMA technology, this is not possible and that is why people would rather buy unlocked phones. In case you have a problem with the network provider, you have the option of switching to another.


One of the main demerits of these phones is the price. They are usually quite expensive because of the availability of variety. When buying locked phones, it is possible to get discounts or reductions because they are made for a particular network provider. Many CDMA providers will sell their phones for lower prices owing to the contract that the buyer has with the company. The most recent phone along with the latest features can be gotten at minimum cost, and the price can be included in your monthly bills.

When it comes to unlocked phones, however, you will buy it with a one-time payment, no matter who the manufacturer is, or what features it provides. These days, most phones with the latest technology, are launched as unlocked phones. This is just as a result of the large customer base who prefer this type of phone. One can purchase these phones at local stores or at online stores, which sometimes give discounts on your purchase.